Leading in our hyper-sexualized culture can be overwhelming and intimidating. Rather than gaining clarity, our society seems to be sprinting towards confusion. The purpose of Sex. Church. Culture. is to unpack the balance of biblical truth and while still walking in grace. We will tackle topics such as LGBTQ, sex education, church staff dynamics, porn, moral failures, building families and more in this one-day intensive on sexuality and leadership. Join us as we’re infused with courage and hope to live and lead in a hyper-sexualized culture.


  • PreGame Resources

    Blog: "The Church & Sex" - Cole Zick
    Podcast: "How We've Created A Sexual Assault Culture" - Benji Nolot & Cole Zick Podcast: "Leaving Homosexuality: Two #OnceGay Testimonies" - Ken Williams & Elizabeth Woning Article: "Influencing Sex Education" - Bennie Baek

  • SESSION 1:
    Uncovering The Problem & Empowering Solutions - Kris Vallotton

    Where does the root of our culture's sexual brokenness lie? Start with the root problem, we’ll begin to discuss and unpack solutions that will bring wholeness to our society.

  • SESSION 2:
    Sex, Church, Culture - Caitlin Zick

    The truth is so foreign because the lies are so familiar. In our culture where we're daily bombarded with lies about sexuality, it's imperative that the church turns up the truth about God's design for sex.

  • SESSION 3:
    Sex, Church, & Christians - Nathan Edwardson

    Nobody stumbles into destiny. You first have to see it, then you can built it. We believe that one of the strongest things God is doing in the earth is family. As we create a vision for healthy families in our church, we create a culture where healthy sexuality can thrive.

  • SESSION 4:
    Church Leadership Panel

    Our panel of pastors, counselors, and theologians will be tackling five tough situations that pastors face. These are real based on real situations that are likely to talk place in a church culture. Panel includes Nathan Edwardson, Jason Vallotton, Elizabeth Woning, Damien Giacchino and is hosted by Cait and Cole Zick.

  • SESSION 5:
    Sex & Culture - Benji Nolot

    “Nefarious” and “Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution” Director Benjamin Nolot will unpack the connections between the porn industry and human trafficking while giving understanding to what has lead to the creation of our hyper-sexualized culture.

  • SESSION 6:
    Church & LGBTQ Issues - Ken Williams & Elizabeth Woning

    OnceGay Leaders Ken Williams and Elizabeth Woning will help you understand the issues facing those impacted by homosexuality and bring clarity to how to approach this challenging subject with love and biblical truth.

  • SESSION 7:
    Sexuality & Community Engagement - Bennie Baek

    In a world where sexual freedom and exploration is the mainstream ideology, learn the keys to promote the timeless message of delaying sex until marriage as the optimal message beyond the faith communities in public spaces. Obtain preventive strategies that will lead to hope-filled positive solutions for your community.

  • SESSION 8:
    Sexuality & Family - Cole Zick

    God has designed Dads and Moms to be the best source for kids to learn about healthy sexuality. Cole will discuss practical ways we can empower our families inside our churches and congregations to create healthy homes.




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